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People behind
Daily rituals
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People behind

Daily rituals of a modernist

Our beliefs and knowledge are based on many years of experience in educating hairdressers and clients worldwide, awarded the best hairdressing academy in the world. The people behind Maginista has a impressive list of clients like, Vogue – V Magazine – Elle – Dansk Magazine – Dior – John Galliano – Super models and lots of art projects.

With an unconditionally love for hair, Kira and Mark Martens-Anderson, is a global artist power couple, well known in the industry. Traveling the world sharing their passion and knowledge in hair and fashion, educating likeminded hairdressers and hair lovers.

The backbone and the fundamental character of our spirit and culture in Maginista is uncompromising, carefully selecting the people and ingredients we are working with.

With our own high-tech laboratories which is run by our in-house beauty scientists’ team who helps us understand the ingredients and push their potential to new levels.

The products we produce are steeped in history and knowledge to take them into the realm of 21st century science and debunk some of the mysteries of haircare.

With the level of detail, the lab and team provides us, together with our expertise we can take a completely new approach to haircare and the use of hair products. Focus on education, beauty, and nature in a realistic and honest way.

We think the ultimate purpose of haircare is to make you feel comfortable and creative. To let you express yourself in new imaginary ways and explore new versions of yourself.