About us

THE STORY and philosophy behind the brand


STORY behind

Transparency and performance through education

Maginista is a Nordic Culture Luxury Beauty Brand founded in Copenhagen in 2018 by Kira & Mark, with an ambition to educate and inspire everybody who wants to listen! Through haircare products from a performance, health and environmental prospective in an honest and respectful way, combining knowledge and education into products and experiences.

With an urge to reinvent and turn things upside down in the world of luxury haircare through a new approach, where education is led by passion and knowledge in a full and limitless brand universe.

We have a passion for ingredients and their origin with a childlike curiosity of wanting to know everything! To leave no stone unturned, asking questions and more important listen to people and the surroundings.

Our curiosity leads us on the path to creating our own laboratory with a team of in-house beauty scientists and likeminded hair nerds with a joined passion for creating and gathering knowledge.

We believe that through transparency, education, and creativity, we can develop next level products, both meaningful and inspirational, to people who wants to listen and make a difference.

Maginista haircare is crafted to let your imagination lead the way. We’ve put our hard-earned expertise and our heart and soul into developing what we truly believe is the next level of haircare.

All our products are packed with hyper potent formulations crafted from exclusive natural ingredients and thorough scientific knowledge. We perceive ourselves as educators and craftsmen as much as stylist and hairdressers.

The truth is, that haircare is only as effective as the person who uses it. That’s why we supply in-depth educational guidelines based on our deep knowledge on how to best take care of your hair.

So, when we say “daily rituals of a modernist”, it means meticulously sourced formulations used in the most effective way to let your Imagination flow and make your inner Maginista thrive.