Gum Tragacanth Powder
INCI name:
Gum Tragacanth Powder

Is a natural stabiliser, thickening agent and emulsifier.

De-hydrated Katira is a dried complex obtained from Astragalus labillardière. It helps to rebuild the hair cuticle and provides smoothness and strength. Katira is a natural gum, obtained from the sap of the root of a thorny bush found in the Middle East, high up in the mountains. Katira is used as a conditioner giving shine, extra volume and can also be used as a hair gel.

The present generation would have heard the name from their grandmothers, but would not really know much about it. Katira is a crystalline herb and could easily be found in most eastern kitchens, until a few decades ago.

By using a unique de-hydration technology, we have managed to dehydrate and crystalize the Katira root in a way, so it is controllable and able to be infused in the different bases we use in our care system, like gel, cream and water-based products.

De-hydrating Katira intensifys the effects and benefits of this fantastic ingredient. It has been used from ancient times, as a cure for various diseases, with many health benefits and consuming it daily can improve your health.

Katira is the best kept secret of the Middle East. Totally natural and chemical free. Also known as an important part of the Ayurvedic system, due to its medicinal properties.

Dating back several centuries B.C. It has been used in folk medicine, to strengthen and prevent hair loss almost overnight, it gives the hair an almost invincible ‘armor’ that gives full bodied thickness and volume.

Natural = vegetable from plant Astragalus gummifer Labillardière

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