Hybrid Technology

What we mean by “Technology”


next-generation haircare

We call our products next generation haircare because they are built on highly innovative formulations.

We have little dogmas when it comes to our ingredients, as long as they truly contribute to improve your hair! That’s why we carefully source prime ingredients from around the world. Some are rooted in nature and some in the laboratory.

What they have in common, is that they are sourced meticulously by their effect, and the hybrid formulations are a result of our craft and in-depth knowledge of hair care products.

New school bio technology

Our new school bio technology is based on the idea of being first mover on bio technology’s supported by knowledge, personal experience and knowhow.

Things are not always what they seem! we will go the extra mile and find inspiration and experience in nature’s technologies, which in many cases are much more sophisticated than the artificial world.

In our New School Bio Lab, we work with the latest technology and an open mind!